Who are we?

Operation Venture and Caregiver Support is a Veterans Empowerment Network To Understanding Resources Earned. Our goal is to educate by connecting veterans to resources available to them in order to improve their lives. We empower veterans to engage such resources as tools to improve their lives, with the intended outcome of a Transformation of quality of life. We connect with veterans, caregivers of veterans, widows and caregivers of widows. We do not have a criterion for the type of military discharge as we know there are many who have the option to upgrade their discharges from the military. We believe doing this will not only improve quality of life but the overall social outcomes.

our latest stories

A Vietnam veteran

Randall is a Vietnam veteran; he and his bride Debra were found sitting at a desk at a local storage company on Friday after the

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Return Home By Christmas

In December 2019 caregiver Nakiea found herself by her husband’s side in a local hospital where he was unconscious and deteriorating rapidly. Nakiea reached out

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